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My Process

Every client is unique, and so is every financial plan. But here’s what the typical financial planning process might look like for an individual:

Step 1: Initial Discussions

  • We start with a free 15-minute introductory call to see if I’m the right fit for you.

  • If so, we’d meet in person for a complimentary 60-minute meeting to discuss your goals.

Step 2: Information Gathering

  • From there, I’d ask you to fill out a questionnaire with vital financial details, and then we’d meet in person to review your various account statements. In my experience, nothing replaces the importance of human conversation—often, these meetings uncover facets of my clients’ finances or life goals that otherwise wouldn’t have come to light.

  • Together we’d gather all your financial data and sketch out your full financial picture.

Step 3: Plan Creation

  • I go off to crunch lots of numbers and develop a start-to-finish financial plan for you. That includes crafting an investment policy statement (links to a description of investment policy statement), which reflects the understanding between you as the client and me as your financial advisor. I incorporate a deep understanding of your personal goals and timelines into the unique policy statement I write for you, which I do to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • I present you with the financial plan I have designed specifically for you. We’d meet to discuss and answer all your questions. At this stage, I’d present you with specific action items that we can get started on immediately. The cost of financial planning covers unlimited meetings, calls and follow-ups, so this meeting can last an hour or more. I want you to be fully comfortable with the game plan.

Step 4: Execution & Monitoring

  • Then we execute. I’d be with you every step of the way: I can even take the lead if you want. I’d personally help you choose your investments and work directly with the account custodian (the company or brokerage that holds your assets) to set up the appropriate paperwork and keep things as stress-free for you as possible. Generally speaking, I invest for my clients using handpicked mutual funds, following a long-term perspective.

  • I aim to talk to my clients at least once a month. I’d follow up to see how you’re faring, and you could call me whenever you have anything to talk about. I’d check in on your progress when it comes to goals like budgeting or spending, though I believe in the importance of personal responsibility—I’m here to encourage and support you, not to make you feel guilty.

When I’m your financial planner, I’m at your disposal. There’s no such thing as a question too silly or problem too small to run by me, so you can truly call or email me anytime.

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